Friday, October 29, 2010

DSx USB Webpage - Final

DSx USB stands for Sexual Diversity Group of Universidad Simón Bolívar in spanish.

I'm so proud of this website. All of the graphic design, photoshop, HTML, css and Javascript code is mine.

All of the JSP code is from a good friend who is better in databases, forms and stuffs than me.

The idea of the design is to resemble the everyday life around the walls of all of the buildings in the campus. all those colorfull walls filled with papers, ads, posters, notebook sheets, and so on!

Here is the link:

And here are some screenshots:

Monday, October 18, 2010

DSxUSb Webpage - Countdown

I have two great news:

The first is that I'm now the new General Coordinator of the DSx USB Group!! That's a lot of shit & responsability for me, but I'm very happy for it. and very willing to work for the group.

The other great new is that I'm being designing for a time now the new DSx USB's webpage. Its address is:

But, it's still not open to the public. If you ciclk on the link you'll find a nice webpage with a countdown until October 25th. This countdown was tricky, thus I'm very proud of the final product. Here is a screen capture of the page for all the people who won't click the link, or will read this after October 25th: