Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Webpage

I was hired by a very weird guy to design his company website and it's product catalog using PHP. Even though he was a bit weird, I decided to accept the challenge, casue I haven't had much PHP experience and I wanted to learn a lot. (And I did).

I must state that the hand design wasn't mine, and neither the photos. The rest of the drawings, the css, html, javascript, and the illustrator & photoshop design are all mine. I love the hand design, by my beloved bf, but hate the fotos the weird guy gave me to work with.

Here are some screenshots:

As you can see, it's a very simple design, but the power here is the php catalog.

As always, if you want me to produce a webpage, all you have to do is write me at

Sexual Diversity Cinema at USB

Again, some posters for DSx USB. This time it was for a massive 6 movies presentation with 3 forums. There were 4 posters and here they are: 

If you want me to make a poster for you, just write me at